Thompson Grey Patricia Purse
Patrick King Woolen Company

Thompson Grey Patricia Purse

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Classy, Elegant Style

Measurements: 38cm x 22cm x 8cm
Handle Measurements: 19cm x 19cm

Once thought to be a sept of Clan Mactavish, Clan Thompson is a clan in its own right. The first known appearance of Clan Thom(p)son was the Thompsons of Eskdale who were known to be fierce border reivers. They were infamous for their raids in the border regions between England and Scotland. Although not linked by blood, the clans do share a tartan – Thompson Red Modern.


Tartan is a classic with timeless qualities. Patrick King Woollen Company use both Lambswool and Merino wool in producing their products to give you that luxurious feel. Patrick King Woollen Company is a member of the Scottish Tartan Authority and their tartans are Registered with The Scottish Tartan Registry.